Yesilkoy Law Office offer services to its domestic and foreign clients for all international procedures and disputes throughout the World.

Yesilkoy provides professional service in legal proceedings for foreigners within boundaries of Turkey, conduct of commercial disputes or legal procedures of both Turkish clients and in a location in Turkey or cross border, all judicial and peace remedies both abroad and in the country.




International operation services provided by Yesilkoy:


     Execution of all international contracts including international transportation, payment, construction, importation, exportation, franchise, incorporation of company, company merger, company takeover


        Execution of forfeiting, factoring, finance, assignment contract in the financial field


        Drafting international investment and gentlemen’s agreements


        Service of solutions for international money transfers


        Following foreign receivables derived from exportation and importation


        Provision of consultancy service for enforcement and execution of court decisions and     arbitrator awards in foreign countries


        Service for settlement of disputes arising from customs procedures


        Legal service for prevention of unfair competition in importation


        Settlement of disputes which arise in free zones


        Provision of service for settlement of disputes related to customs clearance, transportation, insurance and delivery of imported or exported products


        Drafting international surveillance contracts


        Settlement of disputes arising from international surveillance and insurance


        Obtaining work and residence permits for foreigners.


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