Medical Law


Yesilkoy helps settlement of all contractual and administrative disputes resulted from health, medicine in connection with the medical law.

Medical Law services provided by Yesilkoy:


       Provision of consultancy and prosecution of lawsuits regarding losses resulted from faults of doctors (Malpractice Lawsuits)


       Consultancy and prosecution of suits in connection with losses resulted from faults of hospitals


       Drafting purchase-sale contracts for medicine raw materials and medicine R&D contracts


       Drafting confidentiality contracts


       Drafting distribution (distributorship) contracts


       Drafting contracts for clinical research


       Prosecution of industrial property lawsuits related to medicine patent and brands


       Drafting contracts for recycling of dangerous wastes-packages


       Provision of consultancy services related to administrative procedures in medicine sales and marketing licensing processes


      Services of following patent registration for pharmaceutical discoveries and application, registration processes of medicine brands


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Design By 3C Bilişim