Yesilkoy Law Office, which was established in Istanbul in 2002, has developed with its experience and effective team and is currently one of the reputable law offices in Turkey.


Yesilkoy provides legal service in a large framework and provides its clients throughout Turkey with effective service with its professional team. In addition, it has specialized consultants for each specific field. In the international platform, it has many domestic business partners and is also able to meet needs and requests of clients in the field of international law effectively.


Yesilkoy cooperates with strong solution partners both domestically and internationally and may offer the most effective legal solution to its clients. Offering high quality legal service, Yesilkoy closely follows national and international rules and regulations, financial developments and participates in vocational training activities for ensuring continuity in this context.


Attorneys are prohibited from making any attempts and acts which may be considered as advertising and, in particular, using any title on their printed papers other than the title of attorney and academic titles for the purpose of getting business as per article 55 of the Attorney’s Act. Information on this website is limited and is not an invitation to establish a relationship of attorney-client in any way.


Yesilkoy is aware of importance of geopolitical position of Turkey and meets needs of Turkey in the process of harmony with the developing and changing needs, economical requirements and demands of the world.


Yesilkoy provides legal service in Turkish, English, German and French languages and is a law office which has provided service in Germany, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Switzerland, Morocco, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, France in the international arena.


Yesilkoy has a perfect communication network both in the domestic and international arena. Yesilkoy has a system of working in coordination with law offices working on a multinational basis and residing and providing domestic service in many countries.


Yesilkoy Law Office has succeeded many successful businesses since 2002 when it was established and has offered service to many different institutions/entities in the national/international platform. Basic reason for success of Yesilkoy is the fact that it provides legal service with the understanding of high quality. Yesilkoy has enabled the clients to get the best result with its effective, dynamic and professional team and this fact clinched our success.

Yesilkoy has worked with its clients with mutual confidence and understanding all the time and has always acted in cooperation with the client in resolution of problems.


Each attorney of Yesilkoy contributed in our success in their field and have worked in a devoted and pleasant manner in permanency of our success.

Target of Yesilkoy is to be a law office meeting changing and developing requirements of clients and taking place in the national and international field.


We endless believe that permanency of our presence will take place when professional, dynamic, analytical thinking team of Yesilkoy and trust of clients come together.





Follows changes and developments closely.


Is accessible.


Works on a multinational basis.


Has a working system protecting honor of the profession of attorney.


Works in cooperation and has solution partners in Turkey and many location of the World.


Works with attorneys who are respectively experienced, dynamic, professional in their field and who have analytical thinking system.


Attaches importance to human and communication with human. It approaches to existing, possible and prospective problems in a prudential manner by mutual negotiation with its clients in a confidence atmosphere.


Is agreeable.


Regards mind and knowledge. It pays attention to common point of view when it is reaching the solution.


Cares team mates and conflicts. It respects the professional field of each attorney started with interest, implemented and developed with success and pleasure by them and consider his/her ideas primarily.


Puts emphasis on synergy and team work.


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